Secrets that you should know about the pediatricians clinic

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Never be in a haste
If you’re thinking you can bring your kid in the clinic and then go shopping and hip hopping , forget it because you don’t know how much time the kid might require.
Be pleasant and cooperative with the staff.
The more pleasant you are, the more help you’ll get from the staff; they can help you through the tiring times when your baby is irritable.

You can BYOT (Bring Your Own Toys).
You can bring your childs favourite toy when you visit us ,this will decrease the chance of cross infection and it also consoles the child when there is anything painful. Cleaners do clean the toy but many infections especially cold ones live longer.

Your cell phone is very irritating to the doctor.
Cell phones are very distracting when you are seeking consultation with your doctor . Its distracting and it really makes difficult to convey to the parents the information. Other dubious parental behavior: missing scheduled appointments; not notifying the receptionist before asking the doc to check a sibling (if little bro does have a sinus infection, the staff needs to pull his chart so the doctor can update the record); and sending a child in with a babysitter who can’t answer a single question about the history of that rash.

All consultations cant be done on phone.
All test results cant be informed on phone , All telephonic consultations cant be recorded down so we can miss out on some major findings and record keeping . It’s okay to follow up, especially if you’re expecting lab results or a call from the doctor.

Ways to beat the long  wait!
A  longer-than usual wait? Use these tips:
Toys: Try to carry your childs favourite toy.
Art Supplies: A spiral-bound notebook and pen will also do for doodling.
Books: Interesting picture books are good for the child.
Snacks: Pack something substantial for yourself and your child.
Essentials: Carry diapers, hand sanitizer, snacks that don’t make a mess, sippy cups with water,clothes.