What Parents should know about Social Media

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What is social media?

Social media are the online tools that connect people with common interests on the Internet. Social media allows users to interact with each other. Popular social networking websites include Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, google, and MySpace.

There are many different ways that people use social media:

  • Online profiles: Most social media sites require users to set up a profile. A profile usually includes a name, e-mail address, birth date, interests and a photo.
  • Friends: They find and meet friends here.
  • Messaging: Chatting on facebook, ,sending short text messages over the Internet, using instant messaging on whatsapp and between cell phones.
  • Walls and boards: They allow people to send message and can be seen by several people simultaneously .
  • Photo and video sharing: They allow people to share photos and videos.
  • Blogs: It is like a website maintained by an individual who updates it with regular entries of text or photos and videos.Many people can read it and comment and share the content among friends who are online.
  • Joining groups: Groups are formed in which several people join and get access to informations.
  • To play games: There are many free games that are available , and children often play it.