Key information you would like to have about your childs health care provider :

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  • What is the qualification of your pediatrician ? His affiliations and trainings ?
  • Which all hospitals the doctor is attached to presently ? so that you know where your child will be admitted if he requires hospitalization?
  • Is your neonatologists clinic conveniently accessible by public transportation ?
  • Are his hours convenient for your work schedule ?
  • Is your pediatrician easily available ?
  • Does your pediatrician take and return the phone calls ? Is there a nurse /assistant in the office who can answer routine questions?
  • Is the doctor in a group practice with other pediatricians ? Does another pediatrician cover for the doctor at times? Who handles phone calls when the office is closed or during vacations?
  • Is your pediatrician considerate towards your child ?
  • Does your doctor and hospital staff give adequate time to your newborn ? Or do you feel rushed in the office, as though the doctor is eager to move on to the next patient?
  • Does your pediatrician give you appointment for acute illnesses on short notice ?
  • How is the communication of your pediatrician ? Does he makes you understand in normal language ? Does he clarifies all your queries ?
  • What are the doctor’s usual fees for sick visits, routine examinations, and immunizations? What is the hospital policy regarding the processing of insurance forms?
  • If your child should ever develop a complex illness that requires the care of one or more consultants, will your pediatrician coordinate care among all the doctors providing treatment?