Newborn care at home : Ways to ascertain feeding adequacy and weight gain

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Babies who are fed adequately are playful ,active and they are satisfied for at least two to three hours post feed . Thy tend to have a sound sleep . Babies tend to pass urine (and stool ) immediately after a feed during the first three months of there life , later on they pass urine 5-6 times in a day.

5 to 7 percent of birth weight is lost during the first 2 to 3 days of life. During the next one to two days  the weight is stationary and later on birth weight is regained by end of first week. You should not monitor birth weight in a neonate in the very early years as it causes unnecessary anxiety and may lead to lactation failure in the mother.

During the first three months normally a baby gains 800 gms per month .The average daily weight gain in term babies is around 30 g, 20g and 10g during the first, second and third, 4-month periods respectively during the first year of life.