Causes of Nappy Rash?

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Due to increased frequency of passage of urine and stool by thebaby this area is continuously wet and leaves a lot of moisture  even if you are using a highly absorbent nappy.

The babys skin is very delicate and this moisture irritates the skin . You need to frequently change the nappy . The baby should not be left in a soiled nappy for long. Babies with very sensitive also tend to have frequent nappy rashes .

How to treat nappy rash ?
1- Always change the nappy frequently and keep the baby clean and dry by not leaving her in a dirty nappy .

2- Always use fragrance-free and alcohol-free baby wipes (check the label) or a mild, moisturizing  soap. If nothing is available rinse the bottom with plain water and pat it dry .

3- Try to give the baby long hours of nappy free time , it allows the air to circulate and it aids in healing .Make the baby lie on a clean towel in a warm room. If your baby is old enough to move around, put her down in a room with an easy-to-clean floor.

4- Take a small amount of coconut oil , barrier cream or ointment before applying a clean nappy This acts as a  protective layer between  baby’s skin and any moisture.