Danger Signs in Newborns

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It is very much important for the  mothers, care givers and health workers to know about the  (‘DANGER SIGNS’) in a newborn. Early recognition of these signs will help in identifying those babies who need urgent care and treatment and reducing the neonatal mortality rate.

The important danger signs are given below:

  1. Not feeding well
  2. Less active than before
  3. Fast breathing (more than 60 breaths per minute)
  4. Moderate or severe chest in-drawing
  5. Grunting / moaning
  6. Convulsions
  7. Floppy or stiff
  8. Temperature >37.50 C or <35.50 C
  9. Umbilicus draining pus or umbilical redness extending to skin.
  10. More than 10 skin pustules or bullae, or swelling, redness, hardness of skin
  11. Bleeding from stump or cut.

All mothers should be advised about how to recognize the danger signs and to report immediately if their babies develop one or more of them