Common Breastfeeding Misconceptions

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Many misconceptions are carried about breast feeding which are being passed from generation to generation . Here are some facts and fiction . Check out your score by the way you go:

Myth 1: “Breastfeeding leads to saggy breasts ”

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Fact: The ageing process and the process of losing and putting on weight makes it saggy NOT BREASTFEEDING.

Myth 2: “Infant formula and breast milk are the same”

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Fact: Infant formula is an artificially prepared product where as breast milk is natural . Breast milk is an immunoprotectant where as Infant formula acks it.

Myth 3: “Breastfeeding publicly is not acceptable by people ”
Fact: Survey done shows that people are not bothered by females breast feeding publicly .

Myth 4: “Breastfeeding is variable in females ,all females don’t produce equal amount of milk”
Fact: All females are physically able to breast feed and they produce adequate milk to feed there baby provided breastfeeding is done in a proper manner.

Myth 5: “Sex life is hampered by breast feeding ”
Fact: Hormones released while breast feeding and during sex (oxytocin ) are the same .It doesn’t affect your sexual life.