Breastfeeding vs Formula feed

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Breast feed vs formula feed

  • Saturated ,unsaturated fat and cholesterol which is an important constituent of brain and nerve tissue all constitute human milk ,this makes the¬† fat in breast milk more digestible than that in formula feed.
  • The energy produced by breast milk is more efficiently utilised, than that produced by formula.
  • Breast milk has an easily digestible combination with a good reserve of vitamins and minerals in it.
  • It acts as a immunoprotectant¬† These proteins offer protection against diarrhoea, food allergies and infections. The immunoprotective components of human milk include:
  • Lactoferrin : binds to iron, thus rendering it unavailable to viruses and bacteria.
  • Lysozymes and milk leucocytes: destroy viruses and bacteria
  • Secretory IgA: immunoglobulin that destroys viruses and bacteria
  • Bifidus factor: promotes the growth of beneficial bacteria in the gut and limits the growth of disease-causing bacteria.