Bathing Your Newborn

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Sponge bath is done until:

  • The umbilical cord dries & falls off (1-4 weeks)
  • the circumcision heals (1-2 weeks)

Check list before bathing your baby:

  1. a soft, clean washcloth
  2. Baby soap and shampoo (mild & unscented)
  3. towels or blankets
  4. a clean diaper
  5. clean clothes
  6. clean water
  7. clean bath tub

Sponge baths.
Sponge bath is done in a safe flat surface (e.g. a table , counter or floor) in a warm room. Fill bowl /sink with lukewarm water . The baby is undressed and wrapped in a towel. Infants eyes is washed separately with a damp cloth .(or a clean cotton ball) dampened with water only, starting with one eye and wiping from the inner corner to the outer corner. The other eye is washed with another wash cloth . After wetting the cloth and with the help of little soap the face is washed and dried.

Gently wash the babys head by the lather created by a shampoo and subsequently rinse it . Using a wet cloth and soap, gently wash the rest of the baby, paying special attention to creases under the arms, behind the ears, around the neck, and in the genital area. Once you have washed the area ,dry all the body parts and then only make the baby wear the diaper.Tub baths.

Tub bath is very exciting for the baby . the baby loves playing in the tub but you have to be cautious to make this experience playful and safe . If the baby doesn’t immediately acclimatize to tub bath then make it short and gente and shift to sponge bath in between .
In addition to the above list other requirements are

An infant tub is made up of plastic which fits in the bath tub .
an infant tub with 2 to 3 inches of lukewarm water (always test the water temperature by feeling it with the inside of your elbow or wrist). Undress the baby in a warm room . Support the head of your baby with hand and help the baby to get in the water with feet first .
The water in the tub should not be more than 2 to 3 inches deep, and that the water is no longer running in the tub. Speaking to the baby gently, slowly lower your baby up to the chest into the tub. Use a washcloth to wash his or her face and hair. Gently massage your baby’s scalp with the pads of your fingers. When you rinse the soap or shampoo from your baby’s head, cup your hand across the forehead so the suds run toward the sides and soap doesn’t get into the eyes. Gently wash the rest of your baby’s body with water and a small amount of soap.

Throughout the bath, regularly pour water gently over your baby’s body so he or she doesn’t get cold. After the bath, wrap your baby in a towel immediately, making sure to cover his or her head. Baby towels with hoods are great for keeping a freshly washed baby warm.

While bathing your infant, never leave the baby alone. If you need to leave the bathroom, wrap the baby in a towel and take him or her with you.